Alex Sawaetwong 

Alexandra (Alex) Sawaetwong is a Thai-Colombian multilingual who sought the limelight in her freshman year of high school. Following leading roles in two films, a decade of work as a VJ for MTV Thailand, and several other gigs in entertainment, her love for connection and drive to make a deeper impact eventually led her into the education field. Perhaps, as she reflects, it was also her own sensory processing sensitivities that sparked her interest in neurodiversity. Alex has since served as an Individual Learning Aide/Teacher to students in pre-K through middle school at ISB, St. Andrews 107, and NIST. Additionally, she has supported students in developing a range of academic, language, and social skills at Little Sprouts Children’s Centre and The Rainbow Room, Thailand. Currently, she is a part time substitute at International School Bangkok from which she graduated in 2002. 

Alex holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Chulongkorn University, and a Master’s of Science in Special Education with a focus in Autism from The University of Kansas; certifications in Teaching Mindfulness to children aged 7-14 (MiSP, UK) and TESOL.
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