Brandi Fox

Brandi Fox is an urban and international education specialist with over 22 years of teaching experience spanning from Early Childhood through collegiate settings in the US and China. After teaching kindergarten in faith-based schools, she officially transitioned to teaching after two of her three sons were diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Advocating for her own children helped Brandi to recognize the need for improvements in special education and ignited her passion for overall equity in education, prompting her to enroll in a post-baccalaureate transition to teaching program.

While transitioning, Brandi accepted a special education teaching role with the Indianapolis Public School district where she took part in groundbreaking initiatives in special education including the Full Purpose Partnership and Kaleidoscope Program. These experiences and the associated training equipped her with the knowledge and skills to make a positive impact in inclusive education across multiple settings. In 2014, Brandi decided to take her efforts internationally, traveling to China with her family to develop the learning support program in a newly opened international school.

Brandi considers herself a lifelong learner earning an undergraduate degree majoring in Genetic Counseling while minoring in Biology, Early Childhood Education and Environmental Science, master’s degrees in Teaching and Educational Leadership with endorsements in reading, special education, autism spectrum disorder, and science, as well as a certificate in curriculum and instruction. She is currently in pursuit of a doctorate degree focused on Educational Leadership.

In her free time, Brandi enjoys spending time with her family and traveling. She also dabbles in designing clothing which she sells in an online boutique.

Regarding her work in education, Brandi is driven by her personal motto, “There is a person on the other side of your effort.” She views her participation in SENIA as an opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of others, especially neurodiverse individuals, on a global scale.
Course Facilitator and Course Designer