Developing Individualized Learning Plans (Feb 2025)

  • Facilitator: To Be Determined
  • Time Commitment: 3 weeks at about 3-4 hours per week.
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Course Overview

This course will guide students through process of developing high quality Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs) using research-based methods.  These sessions will discuss the necessary components of ILPs, give students practical strategies for including student/family agency and voice in the process, and will provide teachers with the tools necessary to implement ILPs in real world, international school settings.  

Course Lessons

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Course Facilitator

Please check back one week before the course start date to learn more about your course facilitator including their contact details and connection to SENIA.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Warm Feedback 

This has been really helpful as I embrace a new role in LS. I am super excited to get started but know it won't be easy and it will have it's challenges. A big thank you because I feel better equipped to get started! 
Sarah Mollitt, Singapore
I enjoyed this experience. The course was organized and the site easy to use. The content was also very helpful for me to improve goal writing
Carolina Valle, Brazil
This course has given me some clear guidance in ILPs and some assurance to where our team is going in our school. Thank you again.
Thida Ritchie, Vietnam
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