Implementing Inclusive Systems (March 2025)

  • Instructor: To Be Announced
  • Time Commitment: 3 weeks at about 4-5 hours per week.
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Course Overview

Participants gain a better understanding of the various inclusion systems schools often utilize.

We explore co-planning and co-teaching concepts, how to make the most impact as a learning specialist within your school, and how a Multi-Tier Support of Systems can transform your current school.

Course Lessons

Meet the facilitator

Course Facilitator

Please check this area a week before the course start date to learn more about the course facilitator.
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Warm Feedback 

The content was relevant and easy to use right away. The teacher also seemed personal and gave feedback which I greatly appreciate.
Katie Strachan, Bahamas
I found all courses to be excellent! They covered important areas of student support and presented information, backed by research and best practice, in an engaging manner. 
Tony McLean, Bangladesh 
The multiple different categories and options for learning new skills, refreshing old ones or trying different challenges, and the student project resources are superb.
Nick Davis
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