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Gain an understanding of the SENIA Academy platform, our expectations and commitments from video creators, and information about applying to become a SENIA course video creator. 

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Meet the Director of Professional Development

Laura Cox

Laura Cox (she/her) is an international educator and leader originally from the US with Masters in both Special Education and Leadership. She is currently the K12 Inclusion Services Coordinator at the American International School of Johannesburg.She is very geeky about MTSS, UDL, the Science of Reading, and Cognitive Coaching. These areas and much more are discussed in her blog Tales of La Tortugita.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Warm Feedback 

I like how SENIA provides many other sources to read and to deepen knowledge. I also like to read posts from other teachers, from them I learn a lot.
Karina AyuInova, Indonesia
I found the introduction to a variety of behavior observation tools really useful and I also appreciated theoretical overview of what is behavior and some guiding principles around how to think about Behavior.
Chris Raymaakers, Singapore
I enjoyed the Discussion Boards. Having the opportunity to interact with other professionals and stakeholders was the most insightful and fulfilling.
AntonioTiples, IV, Phillippines
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