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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

What are the upcoming course dates? 

Our Teaching Assistant courses are on-demand. Participants can join anytime and work on the courses at their own pace. 

Our Level One Educator courses are offered monthly on a rotating basis. Please find dates on the courses home page.

What is the course structure?

The Teaching Assistant courses are on-demand and asynchronous. Participants can register in any of these courses at any time and work through them at their own pace. Each course has a recommended pace but designed to be flexible. The coursework includes watching short videos, engaging with other educators via discussion boards, assignments and opportunities to extend learning through optional additional learning engagements such as reading blogs and learning about new websites and online resources, 

The Level One Educator courses are offered monthly on a rotating basis. Each of these courses runs for three weeks and the course content is broken down into three sections, each with weekly due dates for discussion participation and assignments. There are no live sessions so participants can work according to their schedule and should anticipate spending about 3-5 hours per week.

Do you have group rates?

Yes! We have two options for groups interested in our coursework: 

Option 1: You can sign a group up to take the online courses as they are. This option would mean your staff are accessing courses on our SENIA Academy platform along with educators from other schools/locations. The Level One Educator courses are monthly and offered on a rotating basis. The Teaching Assistant courses are asynchronous and on-demand. They included videos, responding to discussion prompts, and accessing recommended resources such as articles, blog posts, videos, etc. 

Pricing for option 1:

TA Certification: Individual participant: $180 USD/course (or $1080 for the full 7 course program)

Level One Educator Certification: $225 USD/course (or $1125 for the full 6 course program)

  • groups of 10+ = 10% discount

  • groups of 15+ = 15% discount

  • groups of 20+ = 20% discount

Option 2: We can help you deliver a course as an in-service. In this option, you would select someone within the school to facilitate the course. We provide a script and the facilitator and participants would still have access to the course on our platform but it would be exclusive to your group. The group would gather to watch the videos together, and engage in face-to-face discussion, applying the information to your specific context. It is important to note that in this scenario, we would not moderate participation - that would be the responsibility of the on-site facilitator.

Pricing for option 2:

  • 5 ppl       15% discount per participant

  • 6-10 ppl  20% discount per participant

  • 11-15 ppl 25% discount per participant

  • 15+ ppl     30% discount per participant

Please contact Andrea at andrea@seniainternational.org to arrange group registration.

Tell me about payment options

You can register and pay directly on the SENIA Academy website using a personal or school credit card.

Alternatively, please contact courses@seniainternational.org to be invoiced and pay by bank transfer (a small processing fee will be applied).

Can I register for individual courses rather than the full certification?

 Yes, at SENIA Academy, we understand that individuals enrolling in our courses have differing goals, budgets, and schedules. We offer a discount for signing up for the full certification, but if that doesn’t meet your needs, you are very welcome to sign up for individual courses in either the Level One Educator program or the Teaching Assistant program.

It is important to note that if you sign up for courses individually, you will not qualify for the certification discount. We cannot apply that retroactively.

Is there a Level Two Certification?

There will be soon!

We are in the process of developing courses for Level Two Educator certification. Our goal with the Level Two Educator Certification is to ensure participants have both the depth and breadth of knowledge and skills to implement inclusive systems and advocate for inclusive practices.

Participants earning this certification will be able to confidently act in a learning support role, however it is also a great professional development opportunity for administrators, general education teachers, specialists, and parents who demonstrate an understanding of and interest in inclusive education. 

Can I suggest a future course? 

Absolutely, we welcome suggestions for future courses.

Please share your idea by emailing us at courses@seniainternational.org.

 In addition to course ideas, we occasionally have a need for course designers and Andrea can add your name to our contact list if this is something that interests you.

Who is the course facilitator?

We have a team of course facilitators. If you are enrolled in a course, you can see who your course facilitator is by looking on the Course Landing Page or within the Course Overview section of the Learning Path.

Our facilitators are often one of our directors or associate directors who has worked on designing our certification programs. They are leaders in inclusive education and passionate about supporting others in their professional development.